Commercial Roof Longevity: Why Preventive Maintenance is Key

Commercial property owners who are committed to preventive maintenance experience less hassle and fewer expenses when dealing with their roofing system. 

Commercial Roof Longevity: Why Preventive Maintenance is Key

While some may consider it an added expense, the more discerning ones see it as a precaution. It’s not a waste of money, but rather a sound investment to avoid potential losses due to inconvenient downtime. More importantly, timely maintenance helps maximize your existing roof’s service life and delays the need for costly and disruptive replacement.

Here’s why licensed local roofing contractors like Barnhouse Exteriors recommend preventive maintenance:

Identifying Red Flags Early

Catching potential sources of leaks before they become real issues is key to roof longevity. Broken flashings and punctured roofing membranes may not give you headaches now, but they can affect your business operations one way or another later on.

Contrary to popular belief, even the toughest roofing materials can fail prematurely when problems are not discovered early. And while reacting immediately when a leak happens may still save you from more problems in the long term, sometimes it’s just too late to save a roof.

Prudently Addressing Signs of Disrepair

Any experienced roofing contractor would say adopting a preventive approach makes time your ally. It allows the discovery of potential damage in its infancy. In turn, it gives you the luxury to schedule repairs at a date and time that won’t affect your business operations.

Many property owners dealing with surprise leaks usually fall prey to storm chasers. In hopes of patching the holes immediately, they fail to do their due diligence and take fewer precautions to screen roofers. Unreliable storm chasers do slapdash work and use quick fixes to get more business in as little time as possible. Then they’re off to find another area, preferably one previously hit by bad weather.

Scheduling professional inspections regularly helps protect you against fly-by-night companies. Reputable roofers will provide an honest assessment, offer the long-term solutions and tell you how much time you have to act.

Adhering to the Routine Religiously

Developing a scheduled roof maintenance program is one thing, but actually following it is another. Routine inspections are paramount.

At Barnhouse Exteriors, we specialize in inspecting and repairing the most popular commercial roofing solutions, including BUR, modified bitumen roofing, metal and single-ply membranes. We’ll help you schedule a maintenance program tailored to your roof’s material, its age and your budget. Call us at (763) 493-5851 to talk about your roofing needs in Minneapolis, MN, or ask for a free estimate today.