Why to Leave Roof Inspections to the Pros

Inspection is the first step in roof repair. Before you can address any active leakage, locating its source accurately is key to stopping the water intrusion and also to preventing its recurrence.

Why to Leave Roof Inspections to the Pros

The biggest rookie mistake many commit, however, is DIY-ing the inspection. All roof repair projects are serious (and perilous) by nature, so you should only entrust them to experienced professionals at all times. You may search for damage from the ground or put buckets under a leak until help arrives, but getting up on the roof is a job for a pro.

Risks of Poor Inspection

If you ask Barnhouse Exteriors, the first downside of DIY roof inspection is the possibility of sustaining injury. Evaluating steep roofs up close is already hazardous for seasoned professionals, so imagine how much more dangerous it may be to you.

Pros also know where to look and how to identify causes for concern with more accuracy. Most people can only tell that something’s wrong when the roof is obviously in bad shape. However, reliable roofing companies know that most forms of storm damage don’t seem menacing to the untrained eye. If you inspect your roof yourself and fail to spot red flags, it defeats the purpose of doing the inspection in the first place.

Long-Term Dangers of Neglected Minor Issues

Most huge roof problems start small. Since they don’t go away on their own, they can only worsen and present themselves when least expected, unless immediately fixed. Leaks are more damaging than you think they can saturate your attic insulation, set the stage for mold growth, or even cause fire. Slowly but surely, chronic water intrusion will compromise your home’s structural integrity, beginning with your ceilings to the foundation.

Best Approach to Maintenance

Experienced roofing companies recommend preventive maintenance. Scheduling professional roof inspections religiously is the secret to staying ahead of leak formation and carrying out repairs in a timely manner.

Apart from checking wear and tear, your roofer can create a course of action to fix anything that needs it. Considering the cause of leak always precedes the leak itself, a preventive approach spares you the ordeal of experiencing leaks.

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