Why Leaks Require Immediate Attention

Most homeowners tend to put off roof repair when they realize that it’s “just a leak.” While leaks are your most basic roofing problem, they are far from harmless. In fact, most larger roofing concerns originate from the humble leak, a testament to how potentially dangerous they can be.

Why Leaks Require Immediate Attention

In today’s post, Barnhouse Exteriors, LLC explains why you should address even the smallest of leaks.

They Grow Fast

One of the main reasons roofing companies recommend addressing leaks immediately is because of how quickly they spread and grow. A small leak the size of a quarter can grow in size to the size of a golf ball in a matter of days. Imagine how big it can get in a few weeks.

Addressing a small leak is also easier on the pocketbook than waiting for it to become a more expensive roofing concern, so have those leaks patched up!

Leaks: A Real Shock Hazard

Since most attic spaces have electrical wiring in them, leaks can quickly become a shock hazard when it rains. If water finds its way into electrical wiring and if there’s break in insulation, it might lead to a fire. Even if it doesn’t cause a fire, the fact that your wiring is soaked is a danger worth looking at.

Structural Deterioration

Failure to address leaks on time doesn’t just present moisture and humidity problems. It can actually weaken the very structure of your roof, particularly the wooden parts of the roof structure. This is because leaks naturally gravitate toward the underside of the roof deck. The worst that could happen is that the roof could begin to sag, as this is a sign that the roof foundation is waterlogged. Repairing it is still possible at this point, but it will be expensive.

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