Why Call Barnhouse Exteriors for Roof Storm Damage Repair

Procrastinating on storm-damage repair is a huge mistake. You should address it with a sense of urgency because a single leak can find its way into your interior in no time. Roof leakage is always bad, but things will only worsen if you don’t act quickly and decisively.

Roof Storm Damage Repair

At the first sign of storm damage, Barnhouse Exteriors is the company you should call. Here’s how we can help you:

We Don’t Wait for the Storm to Let Up

We’re one of the few local roofing companies that doesn’t wait for the storm to pass before fixing leaky roofs. We’ll respond to your call fast, and be at your doorstep as soon as possible. We understand the consequences of delaying leak repairs, which is why our emergency team is always on the lookout for homeowners in need of immediate help.

If it’s still raining, we’ll temporarily fix the problem to keep the situation under control and prevent further damage. When the sky clears, we’ll return to conduct a thorough inspection to evaluate the condition of your roof after the storm.

We Assist in the Filing of Insurance Claims

If you need to file an insurance claim for your storm-ravaged roof, we’ll be of help every step of the way. We have a wealth of experience dealing with insurance companies and adjusters. We’ll provide proper documentation to support your claim and provide you with a roof repair or replacement estimate for insurance purposes.

In case your claim gets denied, you can rely on us to help you make an appeal. We’ll work hard until you get you the most compensation possible.

We Carry Required Licensing and Adequate Insurance

Most importantly, we’re licensed and sufficiently insured. We’re one of the most reliable roofing companies you can find, because we go the extra mile to protect you and your home from liability. In the event of worker injury or property damage, we won’t leave you holding the bag.

Entrust your roof storm damage needs to the name Minneapolis trusts. Call Barnhouse Exteriors at (763) 493-5851 today for emergency repairs, and get a free estimate.