Wood Shingle or Wood Shake: What’s the Difference?

Wood roofs remain one of the top choices for new installation and replacement among roofers and homeowners alike. As a consumer, you’ll have to choose between two types: wood shingle and wood shake. While they may appear similar, there are key differences between the two styles.

Wood Shingle or Wood Shake

Barnhouse Exteriors discusses the difference between the two wood roof styles and which one to choose.

Wood Shingle

Wood shingles are specifically sawn and cut so that they are uniform in size and thickness. The smooth and uniform look of the wood shingle is also consistent across the entire shingle roof.

The wood shingle is the more popular variant as it’s also the older one, and many traditional homes still sport the smooth look of the wood shingle. As your local roofing contractor, we recommend this type of wood roof if you want simple aesthetics and a more uniform look.

Wood Shake

Wood shakes were developed later, the result of new developments in the cutting and manufacturing of wood roofs. Unlike wood shingles, this variant has a more irregular appearance and usually has at least one split face. This gives it a more rugged look compared with wood shingles.

We recommend wood shakes if you want a more dynamic-looking roof. Wood shake roofing is a common choice for both traditional and contemporary homes, and, just like the wood-shingle roof, comes in a range of styles.

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