What to Expect During Roofing Emergencies

During storm season, knowing when to call for emergency roof repair can spell the difference between minor repairs and costly, extensive ones. Let us give you a closer look at conditions that require emergency roof repairs, and what you should do in events like these.

What to Expect During Roofing Emergencies

What Happens During Roofing Emergencies

The smallest roofing damage can escalate in the middle of a storm, so if you notice leaks and other apparent signs that your roof is being compromised, call us for emergency repairs. We will drive to your home as soon as the weather allows it, and install temporary roofing, as well as apply short-term repairs. Once the weather clears, we will assess the extent of the damage, and determine a more permanent fix to your roof.

At this stage, time is a valuable resource. Water intrusion can slowly cause further damage to your roof if left unaddressed. It could rot the wood parts in your attic, damage the insulation and weaken the entire roof structure. This is why roofing companies always recommend having your roof fixed as soon as possible.  Leaving it alone could lead to even costlier roof repair work.

What Barnhouse Exteriors Can Do for You

Addressing storm-damaged roofs doesn’t start and end with repairs. As a homeowner, you will also need to make sure your insurance provider cuts the checks to cover the roof repairs. Insurance providers require proper documentation, as well as written professional assessment of the damage. For many homeowners, juggling all of this with their family’s safety and shelter can be overwhelming.

Barnhouse Exteriors has experience working with insurance providers to ensure that they have all the paperwork they need to expedite the insurance payout. We provide accurate quotes, using quality materials from the manufacturers we represent, geared towards a durable and permanent fix. Once we have completed repair work on your roof, you can be confident that the next storm won’t be as nerve-wracking.

To learn more about our emergency roofing services, or our other services that puts us ahead of other roofing companies in the Twin Cities, call Barnhouse Exteriors today at (763) 493-5851. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate. We serve many areas in and near Minneapolis.