Timberline®: What Makes Them Better Than Ordinary Shingles?

Homeowners shouldn’t settle with mediocre materials when it comes to their roofing shingles. The roof of your home is a vital investment that protects your household, and ordinary has no place when it comes to your safety. This is why Barnhouse Exteriors, one of the leading roofing companies in the area, offers customers an extraordinary product from GAF: the Timberline® Shingles with Advanced Protection® technology.

Timberline®: What Makes Them Better Than Ordinary Shingles?

Here are a few reasons they’re the shingles you should choose:

Passed Rigorous Tests

Timberline Shingles with Advanced Protection technology are tough against strong wind-driven rain and other harsh weather. The manufacturers made sure of this through various testing phases of the product. These shingles passed all the testing phases for long-term durability, rain performance and extreme temperature resistance. Its high-quality features allow minimal or easy roof repair after storms or terrible weather.

Upgraded Shingle Properties

GAF has taken every quality of a roofing shingle and upgraded them with their Timberline lineup. Each shingle has a fiberglass mat for maximum strength and durability while the asphalt was manufactured with an advanced process control for superior long-term performance. The filler consists of premium limestone content for wind resistance and the adhesive uses GAF’s exclusive Dura Grip™ technology that locks shingles in place more securely than its contemporaries.

Layers and Layers of Protection

The layers of a Timberline shingle consists of great materials from its adhesive to the granules on top. There are a total of nine layers protecting the structural integrity of your roof. This was deliberate, as the intention is to keep homeowners safe and maintain your peace of mind as the years go by.

Allow the experts at Barnhouse Exteriors, one of the most sought after roofing companies, to bring an amazing roofing system to your roof. As a GAF Master Elite® contractor, we are more than capable of installing this advanced roofing product on your home. Call us today at (763) 493-5851 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate. We serve customers in Minneapolis and nearby areas.