The Proper Way to Deal With Moisture Issues

Moisture may not seem like a big thing to deal with, but it can cause some of the most costly and time-consuming roof repairs. You can avoid them by learning how to deal with moisture issues from Barnhouse Exteriors, the leading roofing contractors.

The Proper Way to Deal With Moisture Issues

Where Do Moisture Issues Come From?

The main culprit, of course, is climate. Fluctuating temperatures can cause moisture issues inside your house. Moisture problems normally occur after snowy season and on humid summer days because of snowmelt and moisture vapor in high temperatures, respectively.

Regular house chores also cause moisture problems, especially without proper ventilation. These household chores include doing the laundry, bathing and even cooking. The steam from using water in these activities joins the indoor air, including up in the attic. That is why roofers always stress the importance of proper attic ventilation to homeowners.

What Can Moisture Do?

There are different levels of damage moisture can bring about. They range from mild to severe but affect the performance of your roof all the same. It can cause decay, corrosion and leaks on your roof and its materials.

Moisture reduces the strength of roofing materials until they eventually lose their defense against harsh weather.

Are There Ways to Deal With Moisture Issues?

Yes, there are fixes and preventive measures you can take before moisture issues worsen or manifest. There is one solution you can always rely on to combat moisture problems, which is hiring an expert roofing contractor to assess the damage and do the necessary repairs. Only a professional eye can identify what needs to be done on your roof for better performance.

Barnhouse Exteriors offers services which help reduce and eliminate moisture issues inside your home. We can prevent unwanted damage from occurring in the first place through proper maintenance. You can call us at (763)-493-5851 for more information. You can also fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve residents in Minneapolis, MN, and other nearby areas.