3 Reasons the Roof Underlayment Is a Valuable Component

One of the most vital components of a roofing system is the underlayment. It has various functions, apart from protecting your roof from damage during installation. What makes it important and what are its functions? Barnhouse Exteriors, one of the area’s leading roofing companies, explains more.

3 Reasons the Roof Underlayment Is a Valuable Component

Serves as a Moisture Barrier

Not all roofs are totally waterproof and that’s what the underlayment is for. It is a water-resistant roofing material designed to function as a moisture and water damage barrier.

Moisture issues can arise from rainwater left on your roof without proper drainage and exposed to fluctuating temperatures. It can cause rapid roofing deterioration when neglected. Your roof repair providers explain that if effectively prevents the penetration of water to keep it from entering your home and causing considerable damage.

Extra Layer of Protection

An underlayment boosts the fire resistance of wood roofs. That is the kind of protection you’ll have with quality roofing materials that would work best with all your other roofing components. It also reflects harmful UV rays away from your house and becomes an extra layer of defense against heavy rainfall.

Prevents Chemical Degradation

Since the roof underlayment separates the roof sheathing and roof covering, the underlayment prevents resin pockets of fir and pine roof boards from reacting chemically with the roof covering material. Not many homes have adapted plywood or engineered panels. Older houses still use organic wood roof boards for their roofing system. And as a result, they do not mix well with asphalt shingles.

When chemical degradation happens, it will speed up your roof deterioration and cause premature roof failure. That is why it’s best to entrust your roof installation to skilled roofing companies. With their help, you’ll be able to strengthen and maintain your roof efficiently.

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