3 Reasons Why Asphalt Roofs Suddenly Fail

Asphalt is one of the most reliable materials for residential roofing. It can last for a couple of decades with proper care and maintenance and withstand the most punishing of weather. When an asphalt roof suddenly fails, the reason could be a structural fault, such as a missing component in the structure.

3 Reasons Why Asphalt Roofs Suddenly Fail

Barnhouse Exteriors, LLC, one of the top roofers in Minnesota, shares a few of these reasons below.

Missing Flashings

The thin metal strips on the hips, valleys and around the chimney area are responsible for preventing water from seeping into the underlayment and the wooden portions of the roof. Without these, the roof will suffer moisture damage that can cause even a newly installed roof to collapse.

Lack of Ventilation

Many roofing contractors advise being mindful of the ventilation in the attic, and we agree. The attic space must have a balanced intake and exhaust so the roof breathes properly throughout the year. Proper ventilation also ensures that the roof is never too cold or too warm.

Inadequate ventilation can cause all sorts of problems that go unnoticed until the moisture starts to set in and causes rot damage to the wooden portions of the roof. This also puts the shingles at risk.

Improper Roof Installation

A roof is only as good as how well it was installed, so when a roof suddenly fails, the culprit is usually faulty installation. Improper installation, in fact, is the cause of other roofing problems such as leaks, cracking and the premature shedding of the protective roof granules on the asphalt roof.

While asphalt roofs are readily available and easy to install, it’s still better to have a local roofing contractor like us do the installation for you. You can count on Barnhouse Exteriors, LLC to provide quality roofing service every time. Give us a call at (763) 493-5851 for a free estimate on our services. We are one of the top local roofers in Minneapolis, MN.